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If you are looking for premium quality, creative, professional wedding Millitary Couplephotography at affordable prices, you've come to the right place!

Our images combine the ideal blend of photojournalism, tradition, and fun!
You owe it to yourself to use a wedding photographer you can trust at a price you can afford. We will be happy to customize a price and package to fit your individual vision and budget. We have experience with many different types of cultures and traditions and take great pride in offering the most courteous, patient service possible. Check out the events pages to see some of our past successes.

As well as wedding photography, we also do all types of portrait photography, engagement photos, family portraits, high-school senior photos, mother-baby portraits, and even pets!

Wedding Kiss

We are also available to take photos at special events: anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, company parties, or children's birthdays.



In Virgina Danille: 757.761.3565

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